29 Sep 2023
Hand thinning citrus

Reviewing the Commercial Potential of Hand Thinning in Citrus with a Cost-benefit Analysis of Summer Hand Thinning of ‘Nadorcott’ Mandarin

Hand thinning is not often applied as a commercial cultural practice in citriculture due to the practice’s reliance on costly manual labor. However, hand thinning could provide unique benefits such as treatment selectivity and easier control over thinning intensity, as opposed to foliar sprays of chemical thinning agents. In ‘‘on-year’’ ‘Nadorcott’ mandarin (Citrus reticulata) trees, summer (January) and autumn (April) hand-thinning treatments of removal of all fruit <20 and <40 mm diameter were evaluated for effects on leaf carbohydrates and fruit growth rate. Other factors assessed included treatments’ effects on tree total fruit yield, fruit quality, and fruit size distribution. In addition, two different summer hand-thinning treatments (removal of all fruit <20 and <25 mm) were evaluated for effects on fruit size distribution and fruit yield over two seasons to determine their potential financial implications.


25 Nov 2022
Fruit size in Star Ruby Grapefruit.

The usage of auxins with various cultural techniques to increase fruit size in Star Ruby Grapefruit

Fruit size is a key parameter for quality and increases the profitability for export markets in citrus production in Turkey. Fruit size can be enhanced by several techniques such as girdling and thinning. Various plant growth regulators are known to affect the growth and size of citrus fruit. Thus the effects of synthetic auxin applications (2,4-DP and 3,5,6-TPA) at different physiological periods, girdling practices, pruning practices, foliar application of potassium and various combinations of these practices on the fruit size and yield, fruit retention rate, and leaf chlorophyll concentration and fluorescence of Star Ruby grapefruit cultivar were investigated.


22 Apr 2022
Citrus Harvest EC

The synthetic auxin 3,5,6-TPA stimulates carbohydrate accumulation and growth in citrus fruit

The application of the synthetic auxin 3,5,6-TPA at the cell enlargement stage increased hexoses in developing fruit from foliated and fully defoliated plants of Satsuma mandarin, cv. ‘Okitsu’ (Citrus unshiu Marc.). Although the sucrose concentrations also increased, in general the differences were not statistically significant. The plant growth regulator reduced fruit abscission in defoliated trees while it stimulated fruit growth in the foliated ones.