Strategic Partnerships


agribalanceAgribalance is an independent precision services company started by Gielie Schreuder, who identified a need for precision farming solutions in the viticultural and horticultural industries.  

Agribalance has partnered with some of the leading agricultural consultation companies such as First Fruits Consulting, who offers precision farming services in South Africa, to provide their clients with the latest variable rate application technologies. Agribalance provides a comprehensive solution including it’s own tractors, variable rate spreaders and loaders so that producers can continue as normal with their daily activities.  

During the precision soil sampling process which includes analysis and recommendations, shape files are generated for use in the customised GPS equipment of Agribalance.  Variable rate application then ensures that every area of land is ameliorated optimally according to the soil grid on which sampling took place.  

In addition to variable rate soil amelioration, Agribalance can also apply all fertilizers during the course of the production season.  Variable rate fertilizer programs compiled after assessment of variance picked up on NDVI maps, can also be applied by Agribalance.

Please contact your First Fruits consultant or send an e-mail to for more information as well as contact details for Agribalance.

Gielie Schreuder


Agri-Infinitum Logo

Agri-Infinitum was founded in 2017 with the main objective to add value through scientific principles and practical advice to clients and farmers in the fruit industry.  Agri-infinitum is involved starting from soil classification and planning of the new orchard to the procurement of all the necessary services to ensure successful new orchards are established. 

Nico Wasserfall is a Soil Scientist with specialised knowledge and experience in quantifying soil potential and terroir development. This information forms the basis of any new agricultural development as well as the redevelopment of existing farms.

Agri-Infinitum focuses on a holistic approach through the integration of scientific principles and practical solutions to identify the most sustainable and economically viable outcome for the client. An independent approach enables Agri-Infinitum to partner with the necessary organisations and people required to ensure that an optimal outcome is achieved.


Cederberg Tree Nursery

Cederberg Nursery


Cederberg Tree Nursery is a bio-secure facility outside Citrusdal in the Western Cape (South Africa). They produce certified disease-free citrus trees of high quality, by using certified plant and seed material. The nursery is situated in a greening and citrus black spot free area of the Western Cape. Cederberg Tree Nursery provides trees countrywide and to neighbouring countries.

CITRII ICT Software Solutions

CITRII ICT Software Solutions Logo

Developing new ways of utilising technology and data to optimise processes that deliver efficiencies in farming operations and new ways of connecting information.

Develop or provide business intelligence through applicable software that supports accurate, current & accessible reporting
An online platform to facilitate detailed analysis that supports audit processes, develops benchmarks, and improves Standard Operating Procedures

Developing digital products and platforms focusing on outcomes that support precision farming.

For more information please contact CITRII ICT at +27 (0) 21 883 9723 or

Du Roi Nursery

Du Roi Nursery

Established in 1989, Du Roi Nursery has grown to be the largest citrus nursery in Southern Africa and supplies plants to most areas in the region, as well as across our borders. Du Roi produce all commercially recommended citrus cultivars and rootstocks from certified plant material.

Why a strategic partner?
1. Certified plant quality
2. Professional service
3. Innovative
4. People oriented
5. Care for the environment

Real Nutrition

Real Nutrition Logo


Real Nutrition was founded in 2018 in response to the need for specialised tools and equipment required for managing crop production with precision.

Being able to determine soil and water conditions, and fruit quality parameters with precision is crucial to designing optimal crop production plans for each orchard.  Monitoring changes with accuracy over the course of a season enables consultants and growers to adapt and fine-tune nutrition, irrigation and crop manipulation programmes in a responsive and agile way to achieve optimal results.

Real Nutrition supplies tools for measuring soil, water and fruit quality parameters, equipment needed to monitor and adjust fertigation, as well as crop manipulation tools, and provides calibration, cleaning and storage solutions for testers.

For more information please contact us by sending an e-mail to