Firstfruits is a specialised service provider to the citrus industry, delivering independent advice on production practices and crop protection to optimise yield and quality.

Who are we / What we value 

  • At Firstfruits, we believe in data-driven expertise - our goal is to bring you the best information and build the tools that help you make the best decisions for your farm.
  • We offer services and software backed by science. These solutions are used to help our clients make better decisions, faster.
  • We partner with the client to understand their operations and challenges, then design a data-driven solution that meets them where they are today and enables them to get to where they need to be tomorrow.
  • In the work we do, and, the products, we build and offer, we prioritize people and their development. People are at the heart of everything we do.

What We Do 

  • Recommendations tailor-made to your crop’s needs: Our sound scientific recommendations are based on individual farm data, to ensure that production practices and chemical programmes are adjusted to the specific changing needs of the crop ahead of critical crop stages.
  • A wealth of expertise at your service: Our team is backed by industry experts with years of experience.
  • Powered by Industry Best Practices for agri-tech software: By partnering with agri-tech software company Citrii, we use FarmNode to monitor irrigation and scouting data to provide data-driven recommendations and adjust according to the challenges that each season brings. The software can also be utilised to capture the technical practices of your farm like spraying, pruning, manipulation, etc.

We value our clients and build long-term relationships with like-minded businesses, creating lasting partnerships on the precision farming journey.


Aiming to be at the forefront of new developments in
citrus production related science and technology.


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