29 Jun 2020
Cover Crops

Can cover crops save Florida’s citrus?

Citrus greening has devastated the Sunshine State’s orange industry. Researchers and pioneering farmers see cover crops as a road to recovery.

For the last couple of decades, a tiny insect called the Asian citrus psyllid has fed on the stems and leaves of the orange trees in Florida, infecting them with bacteria that cause a lethal disease called citrus greening. The bacterial disease, huanglongbing (HLB), originated in China and has destroyed 90 percent of the state’s groves, devastating its $9 billion citrus industry.


15 Feb 2016

Spray application in citrus – Sprayer calibration and checklist

Gideon van Zyl, Paul Fourie, Tian Schutte, Tim Grout (CRI) and Johan van Zyl (Nexusag)
CRI Cutting Edge, Research News from Citrus Research International

Fungicides and pesticides are only as effective as their application. The main objective of spray application is the optimal dose transfer of the well agitated tank mix, which includes one or more active ingredients, from the sprayer to the tree, whilst keeping off-target losses from run-off and drift at a minimum.