Citrus Fruit Drop

PGR For Controlling Pre-Harvest Fruit Drop And Improving Quality of Kinnow

A field trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of PGR (2, 4-D, NAA and GA3) at different concentrations on fruit drop and enhancement in fruit quality of Kinnow. Three sprays of PGR viz. 2, 4-D, NAA and GA3 were given to the Kinnow plants as per the treatment concentrations from initiation of flowering to before harvesting. The results revealed that among all the PGR’s tried at different concentrations, spray of 2, 4-D @ 30 ppm was the most promising in reducing the fruit drop in Kinnow as fruit physical and chemical characters were found to be superior as compared to all other treatments. There was an enhancement in the fruit size with the application of 2, 4-D @ 30 ppm, which led to an overall increase in the yield of Kinnow.