29 Jun 2020
Citrus Trees

Liquid organic fertilizers for sustainable agriculture: Nutrient uptake of organic versus mineral fertilizers in citrus trees.

The main objective of this study was to compare the performance of two liquid organic fertilizers, an animal and a plant-based fertilizer, with mineral fertilization on citrus trees. The source of the fertilizer (mineral or organic) had significant effect in the nutritional status of the organic and conventionally managed mandarins. Nutrient uptake, vegetative growth, carbohydrate synthesis and soil characteristics were analyzed. Results showed that plants fertilized with animal based liquid fertilizers exhibited higher total biomass with a more profuse development of new developing organs (leaves and fibrous roots).

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06 Nov 2018

Potassium Affects Citrus Tree Performance

Y. Erner, B. Artzi, E. Tagari and M. Hamou
The Volcani Center, Institute of Horticulture, Department of Fruit Trees, Israel

Potassium plays a critical role in citrus trees and it affects many phenomena, both visible and invisible. The requirement for K in trees is next to that for nitrogen and ranges from 0.5 to 2% of dry matter. Adequate yield, for the fresh fruit market can be achieved only when the level of K is in the optimum range.

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03 May 2018
Citrus Propagation

Citrus Propagation

J. G. Williamson
L. K. Jackson
UF | IFAS Extention
University of Florida

Home fruit growers often want to propagate their own citrus trees, or change varieties by top-working an existing tree with one or more varieties of citrus. As with many gardening activities, considerable satisfaction may be gained from growing your own citrus trees. Furthermore, several excellent citrus cultivars (cultivated varieties) are difficult, if not impossible, to buy locally and are most easily obtained by propagating your own. Moreover, dooryard citrus trees from local retail outlets are sometimes mislabelled as to cultivar and/or rootstock. With patience and a little practice, home fruit growers can master the art of growing their own trees.

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