25 Jan 2024
Citrus Pruning in the Mediterranean

Citrus Pruning in the Mediterranean Climate: A Review

Pruning is a common practice in citrus for various reasons. These include controlling and shaping the canopy; improving phytosanitary health, productivity, and fruit quality; and facilitating operations such as harvesting and phytosanitary treatments. Because pruning is an expensive operation, its need is sometimes questioned.


29 Jun 2021

Manipulation of citrus flowering and fruiting by pruning

Selective pruning of citrus trees is needed to manipulate the partitioning of carbohydrates between various tree parts. In well-managed citrus orchards proper pruning practices will likely have the most significant impact on optimizing yield and fruit size. Inferior flowering wood is removed at specific phenological stages (as soon as possible after harvest in winter or as early in spring as possible). Smaller heading-back and thinning cuts are made throughout the canopy to weaken the trees’ regrowth vigor and to open trees to light, in an attempt to balance fruiting and regrowth.