18 Nov 2021
Citrus exports to EU

RSA citrus exports to EU under threat

South African and European Union representatives are in intense discussions to alleviate the impact of a steep rise in reported Citrus Black Spot (CBS) and False Codling Moth (FCM) interceptions on citrus shipped to the EU. The South African industry is extremely concerned about the fallout from these interceptions, which comes at the end of a very difficult shipping season.


29 Jun 2021

Citrus exports to Philippines may reach R205 million

The new Philippine market potentially offers the opportunity for South African producers to export 20 000 tons of citrus fruit a year. After twelve years of negotiations between South Africa and Philippines the landmark export plan was at the end of last year. The South African citrus industry is expected to grow with approximately 500 000 tons over the next few years. Thus, expanding to new markets is of upmost importance to ensure that an oversupply does not occur in existing markets. The area used for soft citrus production is expected to grow with approximately 29 %, of which 42 % of the growth is expected to be mandarins.


25 Mar 2021
Record breaking export season

South African citrus celebrates record breaking export season with 146 million cartons of fruit

Ten months ago, in March 2020, we predicted a bumper export season, estimating that export volumes would reach 143 million cartons of fruit. Now that the final export figures are in, we can announce a record-breaking 2020 export season that delivered 146 million cartons of South African citrus to the rest of the world,” said Just Chadwick CEO of the Citrus Grower’s Association in South Africa.


23 Sep 2020

Citrus industry negotiates a new trade deal

Cape Town – After eleven years of negotiations, South Africa’s citrus industry has been given the go-ahead to export to the Philippines, with the signing of a work plan between the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, and the Philippines Bureau of Plant and Industry.

Agriculture Minister Thoko Didiza made the announcement yesterday as the South African citrus industry estimates that close to 500 000 tons of additional citrus would be available for export by 2024.


26 May 2020
Citrus Export Covid-19

Strong demand for SA citrus at start of 2020 export season

A strong increase in global demand for citrus has so far been evident in the 2020 export season, according to Justin Chadwick, CEO of the Citrus Growers’ Association of Southern Africa.

In a statement, Chadwick said increased global demand for lemons had resulted in 4,5 million 15kg-equivalent cartons being shipped to date. This was double the 1,8 million cartons exported during the same period in 2019.


31 Mar 2019
Navel Oranges

SA won’t give up its fight against the EU’s intransigence towards our citrus products.

Justin Chadwick

Despite one of the best seasons on record in mitigating the risk of Citrus Black Spot symptoms on fruit arriving at EU borders, the EU seems determined to meet South Africa’s best efforts with unflinching bureaucratic coldness.

The Rewe supermarket in Mitte, Berlin – along the banks of the Spree River – has a selection of Stellenbosch wine, chakalaka flavoured chips and baskets of fresh South African oranges. None of which, in the globalised 2018 world, is surprising or out of place. All of which makes it so difficult to accept the European Union’s (EU) relentless and equally hardkoppige 26-year campaign to keep those oranges off the shelves – citing something called citrus black spot (CBS).


25 Nov 2018
Citrus Export

South Africa: Citrus export ship to Asia is positive news


If the Western Cape were a country, it would be the world’s fifth largest exporter of citrus fruits.

South Africa is currently the second biggest exporter of citrus in the world after Spain, accounting for 10% of the global market. The Western Cape currently exports the majority share of this, at 62%, making it the largest exporter of citrus fruit in the Southern Hemisphere.

Over 6% of the global market share of citrus was exported from the Western Cape in 2017. To put this in perspective, China and the USA, which hold the spots as the world’s third and fourth biggest exporters, hold global market share of eight percent and 7 percent respectively.