29 Jul 2020
Lemons on Conveyor

CBS detections will bring changes for future Argentinian lemon export campaigns

As of July 1, the suspension of Argentinian fresh lemon exports to Europe came into force following several detections of black spot in some shipments upon arrival at European ports.

“In the last two weeks, the number of black spot detections has skyrocketed, so we believe that this has been a correct and necessary measure. As a sector, we have to find where the problem is in order to solve it. We are concerned about what has taken place this campaign, but we are even more concerned about what is to come. That is why I think Argentina should soon review the lemon export protocol for Europe. It is clear that this situation will bring changes and adjustments for future campaigns,” says Francisco Rotella, commercial director of the Argentinian lemon producer and marketer Citrusvil.

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25 Nov 2018
Lemons and Limes

South Africa sold 33% more lemons in Europe this year – and we can thank Argentina

Bombi Mavundza
Business Insider SA

Severe weather conditions have had a big impact on Argentina’s lemon and lime production, while ongoing political and economic woes cut into its ability to export.

And that has been great news for South African exporters.

Argentina’s output shortfall created unmet demand in Europe – and that in turn saw a 33% increase in lemon exports to Europe for this production year, according to figures from Exsa Europe, the Dutch-based importer with growers around the world.

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