Current market trends of higher income group consumers include a desire for information related to the products they buy, such as its origin, safety, and social responsibility of the producer. Organically grown fruits seem to be favoured over conventionally produced fruit. Organic production requirements affect all practices related to fruit production including type of fertilisers used, pest and disease control as well as post-harvest chemicals used.

Organic citrus production is relatively small compared to conventional production, with sales of organically farmed produce at 3% of the total marketed produce and are expected to double in the coming years. (Torres, et al., 2016). Since the emergence of COVID-19, the demand for organic lemons have remained high when compared with previous years (Flores, 2020). Lemons have many health benefits, including a high vitamin C content. Some citrus cultivars produced organically have higher vitamin C content than those produced conventionally (Duarte et al., 2010).

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JD Botma (Horticulturist) & Sibongiseni Silwana (Precision Services)
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