The organic citrus market is in full swing. Besides the superpower in this market, Spain, importers are now finding their way only too well to countries such as Greece, Italy, and South Africa.

“We specifically chose Italy for the import of our organic citrus,” says Martin Pietersma from Agrofair. This company, based in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, imports, among other products, organic blood oranges from Sicily. “There are, naturally, other countries besides Italy where this product is available, such as Greece and, of course, Spain.”

“We have two reasons for choosing Italy. The first is purely practical – we have a subsidiary in Italy, and we know our way around there well. We have many contacts, with Italian clients as well. This made the connection easier. We have a second reason why we chose Italy.”

“In doing so, we distinguish ourselves on the market, with regard to Spain. The cultivation methods in Italy are more authentic and, so, the products flavor and quality are, according to us, just that much better than with Spanish products. This certainly had bearing on our choice of the Tarocco variety,” adds Martin.

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