26 Apr 2024

Influence of Water Stress in Autumn on Flower Induction and Fruiting in Young Pomelo Trees

Young pomelo trees grown in concrete pots in a plastic house were water-stressed for different durations from early September to late December, 1990. The cyclical stress treatments were established by withholding water from the potted trees until the leaf water potentials reached -24 to -28 bars (7 to 13 days after irrigation) at which time they were re-irrigated. Maximum day and minimum night temperatures in the plastic house were adjusted to about 25° and 10°C, respectively, from early December, 1990, to early April of the following year.


25 May 2022
Orange Blossom

Influence of Temperature and Photoperiod on Flower Induction and Inflorescence Development in Sweet Orange.

At low temperature (15° C.day/5° C.night) flowering of sweet orange cuttings was not photoperiodically controlled, occurring at 16-, 12-, and 8-hour photoperiods. When plants were transferred, after varying periods of low temperature (15°/8° C.) to warm conditions (30°/25° C.), growth of the buds commenced within a few days of transfer. Flowering response to length of the cold treatment appeared to be quantitative.