In the Western Cape where citrus producers are packing late navels, soft citrus like Fairchild and Valley Gold, with a bit of lemons, harvesting has ceased as the southwestern part of the province experiences a winter as it’s supposed to be: icy and very wet.

Citrusdal has recorded 35mm over the past 24 hours, while it has been raining more or less continuously since the end of last week (right: Citrusdal orchard after recent rains).

Around Stellenbosch well over 100mm has fallen over the past few days and dams like the Clanwilliam Dam (only 23% full) are set to benefit from this rain.

Many Citrusdal packhouses had volumes in their cold stores that have kept them busy for the first part of the week while rain disrupted actual harvesting.

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Carolize Jansen