22 Jul 2021

Signing of South Africa-Chinese lemon protocol will attract R325 million in new export revenue

The Citrus Growers’ Association of South Africa welcomes the recent signing of a revised citrus protocol between South Africa and China by Minister of Agriculture, Land Affairs and Rural Development Thoko Didiza.

With local lemon production expected to grow by 175 000 metric tons by 2024, the finalisation of the revised protocol means China will now become a critical new market for this growth and will secure R325 million in new export revenue and secure 800 jobs in the industry.

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19 Jul 2021

Citrus industry rolls out recovery plan

The citrus industry is rolling out a recovery plan to continue exports.

In a statement, Justin Chadwick, CEO of the The Citrus Grower Association of Southern Africa (CGA), said that while the citrus value chain has been impacted by the closure of the Durban port, the industry has and will continue to ensure that citrus is exported to key markets.

Growers in the northern provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga have been diverting their fruit to other ports across the country, with citrus from other regions continuing to be exported from Cape Town and Coega ports.

“Last week saw little impact on volumes of citrus being exported to markets including the European Union, Middle East, China and the United States.

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01 Jul 2021
Olifants River

Cold in the Cape boosts citrus colour development

In the Western Cape where citrus producers are packing late navels, soft citrus like Fairchild and Valley Gold, with a bit of lemons, harvesting has ceased as the southwestern part of the province experiences a winter as it’s supposed to be: icy and very wet.

Citrusdal has recorded 35mm over the past 24 hours, while it has been raining more or less continuously since the end of last week (right: Citrusdal orchard after recent rains).

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01 Jul 2021
Citrus Seedlings

Effects of Low pH on Photosynthesis, Related Physiological Parameters, and Nutrient Profiles of Citrus

Seedlings of “Xuegan” (Citrus sinensis) and “Sour pummelo” (Citrus grandis) were irrigated daily with a nutrient solution at a pH of 2.5, 3, 4, 5, or 6 for 9 months. Thereafter, the following responses were investigated: seedling growth; root, stem, and leaf concentrations of nutrient elements; leaf gas exchange, pigment concentration, ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase activity and chlorophyll a fluorescence; relative water content, total soluble protein level, H2O2 production and electrolyte leakage in roots and leaves.

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01 Jul 2021

Citrus Fertilizer Management on Calcareous Soils

Soils in the south Florida flatwoods are underlain by calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that has accumulated through marine deposition over thousands of years. In most flatwoods, the CaCO3 lies below the profile and the overlying surface soil is usually acidic. However, CaCO3 also can occur at the surface, either naturally or as a result of earth-moving operations that have mixed the soil. The resultant soil is called calcareous. Soils also can become calcareous through long-term irrigation with water from the Floridan aquifer. This water contains small amounts of dissolved CaCO3 that can accumulate with time.

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