31 Jul 2018
Pest Prevention

CGC questions SA proposals to prevent entry of its pests into the EU

The Citrus Management Committee (CGC), the national association that brings together private exporters, regrets the uncertainty created by the revision of phytosanitary protocols to regulate South African citrus imports to the EU. Shipments have already begun and some are already arriving in European ports and the Commission (EC) has not yet validated the proposal made by this country. After the strong rebound last season in European interceptions of the Citrus Black Spot (CBS) -with up to 24 port refusals- and 14 interceptions of the dangerous Thaumatotibia leucotreta moth, South Africa had to commit to review its control programs for both pests.


31 Jul 2018
SA Citrus

Full entry for SA citrus into US


“A watershed moment for the South African citrus industry” – several citrus traders have used this phrase to describe the rule published by the United States this week to amend regulations regarding importation of citrus from the whole of South Africa into the United States.

Previously only citrus from the Western and Northern Cape, where citrus black spot does not occur, were allowed. Citrus black spot occurs in Florida but not in California and within the United States there has long been a recognition that citrus fruit is not a vector of the fungal disease.


19 Jul 2018

SA Drone Technology

Drones developed in South Africa to solve local problems, spark interest abroad.

There’s fierce competition in the ever-expanding world of high-tech drones, but two South African inventions have grabbed international attention. From cleaning our waterways to clever solutions for farming, these drones are no longer just big, expensive toys for digital enthusiasts. Carte Blanche explores how locally developed technology is helping to improve lives.

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