27 Feb 2018

Citrus orchard sanitation with emphasis on false codling moth control

Sean Moore & Wayne Kirkman
Citrus Research International
E-mail: seanmoore@cri.co.za

Orchard sanitation is the regular removal and destruction of all fallen fruit and all hanging fruit, which is infested, damaged or decaying. Regular orchard sanitation has three major benefits, in assisting to control false codling moth (FCM), fruit flies and fungal pathogens. Orchard sanitation should be initiated early in November and continued until harvest. Thereafter, all out-of-season fruit should also be removed from the orchard.


27 Feb 2018

Okuleerhout aanvraag en aanbod: Tekort aan sekere kultivars.

Paul Fourie
Citrus Research International, Sitrusverbeteringskema, Uitenhage
Jacolene Meyer
Citrus Research International, Sitrusverbeteringskema, Uitenhage
Michelle le Roux
Citrus Research International, Sitrusverbeteringskema, Uitenhage
Thys du Toit
Citrus Research International, Sitrusverbeteringskema, Uitenhage
Scott McKenzie
Suid-Afrikaanse Sitrus Kwekersvereniging

Die suidelike Afrika sitrus-industrie het in onlangse jare ongekende groei ondervind. Dit is duidelik uit die groei in kwekery kapasiteit en aantal bome wat jaarliks gemaak word. Vier jaar gelede is 3.2 miljoen bome in 25 kwekerye gemaak.


27 Feb 2018

Increasing Citrus Fruit Size with Synthetic Auxins

Jose L. Guardiola
Departamentod e Biologia Vegetal
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. Valencia. Spain

The price of fruit is largely determined by quality factors whose appreciation is at the mercy of Customer’s whims. For the fresh fruit market flavor and appearance are still basic determinants for the acceptance of the fruit and the popularity of the cultivars. In addition, the importance of fruit size as a parameter of quality has increased markedly in recent times. This is reflected in the changes in the legal regulations which have risen recently in minimum diameter to accept a fruit as marketable in the European markets.


26 Feb 2018

From fruit hawker to successful lemon exporter

Jeandré du Preez
Farmers Weekly

Although Wayne Mansfield made useful connections in the fruit industry as a hawker, he knew little about farming. However, with the help of a grant and mentorship, he established a lemon farm near Paarl in 2013, and last year boosted his exports by 400%.

Before starting his lemon farming operation, Fruit Field Farming, just outside Paarl, Wayne Mansfield was a fruit hawker. “I grew up in Pniel and got involved in the fruit business by helping my uncle after school and over the weekends for pocket money. He’d buy the fruit from local farmers and I’d help pack the fruit to be sold at the Epping market,” he recalls. READ MORE